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It’s been awhile…

…since I’ve posted or even looked at this blog. Life has changed!

A few friends have stated that I should post about daily happenings, projects, family, records, Durham, etc! Well, I plan on it! So the blog will take a little different route. I will be focusing on life and everything that encompasses it, good and bad.

I look forward to sharing it with you! Thanks!

Bungalow Tapes!


Shannon and the Clams “Sleep Talk”

Listening to Shannon and the Clams new album “Sleep Talk” puts me in a fantastic mood. Think Buddy Holly after he discovered distortion and developed a distinct growl and punch. The Clams previous record “I Wanna Go Home” was one of my favorite records in the past 2 years, so I had high expectations for “Sleep Talk.”

“Sleep Talk” is more diverse than “I Wanna Go Home” in my opinion. Shannon and The Clams have continued to not only refine their sound, but to include continued experimentation and engagement which makes their music fun, provoking, and exciting. The Blanchard’s guitar licks hum while Shaw’s voice maneuvers to create a “vintage” 50’s sound with punk, R&B, and Rockabilly elements scattered throughout the album. My only regret is not seeing this band when they passed through Durham a few months ago (being out of town sucks!). Now I want to sit here and review each individual song…but I rather you form your own perception of The Clams sound. Go on ahead and check them out.

More Info on Shannon and The Clams with Video, MP3, etc. 

Battle Not With Monsters

A few weeks ago April 28th I ventured off to The Broad Street Cafe in Durham  ( to check out Battle Not With Monsters solo. I reviewed their album and recorded a few shows awhile back. Well, as life takes it, things can change. Battle Not With Monsters is predominantly that of Patrick Blackburn. He is a good ole boy from Stokes County who somehow managed to be influenced by some great music. Blackburn has definitely spent many of nights writing, listening, and working on his craft. What is evident with Blackburn is he enjoys playing and performing. Plain and simple, he does it for himself and if a few people enjoy it along the way, he is stoked.

Throughout the evening at Broad Street Cafe, people seemed to enjoy the  music. Families and folks sat, drank some beer, had a great pizza, while listening to Blackburn’s stories and chords. A good vibe was in the air that night. Patrick Blackburn plays mostly original tunes with staples like “Save Me As I Am”, “Ode to Allen Ginsberg”, and a few surprise covers like the Pixies “Where is my Mind.” If you are looking for a relaxing evening with usually some pleasant music, check out Broad Street Cafe. Also, if you feel so obliged, please have a listen to Patrick Blackburn and Battle Not With Monsters. Patrick’s information can be found on the posted link.

Unfortunately, I did not take any video of the show, but below you will find a previous show where Blackburn performs.

American War

One of my favorite albums probably of all time, is this record I picked up on a whim – American War: Rhetoric. The 9 song album is a blast to listen to, well written, simple, and gets better with each listen. Download the album (free) and check out some more info at

Seriously, it is a fantastic album.

You should really check out…

It is a wonderful music website with countless free albums, live videos, and my personal favorite, The Pink Couch Sessions. Seriously, it has a little bit of everything for the music lover. Highly recommended!

The Bristol 7’s?

They never set out to be great, or even good for that matter. Simply two guys in a dingy, dim lit basement drinking myriads of Steel Reserve, Miller High Life, and PBR writing about what they know best or think they know best. Monster trucks, burlesque, wives, girlfriends, and the daily grind: The cheeky lads are indeed lovers of music. They put their music up for free under a Creative Commons license so feel free to fork it, improve it, dump on it, or whatever you wish. Anyways, give it a listen. I did.

After finishing up recording of our album, we decided that it would be the greatest thing ever to release it under a Creative Commons license, and see what the world could do with it.

As such, The Narwhalingus EP: the debut effort by the Bristol 7′s (oh those cheeky lads), is now available for download on Github, containing both the final mixes, and the individual tracks– all in STUNNING 320kbps MP3 format (come on, it’s a free github account– what do you expect!?).

So please, Fork the repo, sing some harmony, steal my guitar solo, or add a Trance beat. Whatever you want to do, just tell us about it, so we can hear what’s become of our baby!

Happy Birthday to Me…

So my killer brother and I always buy each other records, musical items, etc for our birthdays. I rarely seem him as much as I would like nowadays. Work, a baby coming, married life, and the 13 hour drive can make it difficult from time to time.

Alas! He outdid himself this time. Upon sending me my birthday present, I was stunned to see some records I didn’t own! He provided me with the following:


Stiff Little Fingers – Get A Life (1993-94 Taang Records, dark green marble)
NOFX – Liza and Louise (1992 Fat Wreck Chords, pink vinyl)
Screeching Weasel – Suzanne is Getting Married (1994 Lookout Records)
Sublime/Wesley Willis Split – All You Need/Fiasco (1995 Skunk/Urban Legends Records, complete with coloring contest).

NOFX – Maximum Rock N Roll (1991/2008 Mystic Records) Rereleased in 2008 on Purple Marble)
The Clash – Black Market Clash (10 inch, 1980 CBS Records)
The Nation of Ulysesses – The Embassy Tapes (2000, Dischord Records)

All in all, I am pretty stoked with all of these. I mean, Cd’s and Mp3’s are nice, but nothing beats the touch, sound, and look of vinyl….

Till next time & and thank you brotha!