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The World is a Vampire…

June 14, 2010

I moved to Bull City 5 years ago. I have since met myriads of radical people. One such friend goes by the name of Blackburn. A simple man who shares the same glory in beer that I do. Blackburn and I also share a passion for music. Soon thereafter, I met his best friend, Phillip. Once again, music was shared. After many nights of music, beer, video games, and general lameness, Phillip and Blackburn created a band. This band is called Battle Not With Monsters ( Forged from the alleyways of Bull City, this folk rock duo pumps out rock folk jams with the best of them. With a small sense of seriousness, and a large sense of sarcasm these boys have compiled their self-titled record recorded the old fashion way…no cash, in a bedroom, with stolen equipment, strippers, and a wealth of drugs. I most likely made those last parts up, but either way, I am proud to call them my friends. If you feel indulged, purchase their cd/mp3s from Cdbaby, Amazon, or Itunes. One more thing…watch the videos.

Much Thanks!
Bungalow Tapes.

Here’s the link:


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