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Review: Gogol Bordello – Trans-Continental Hustle

August 20, 2010

The gypsy punks return! Eugene Hutz and the gang have outdone themselves again, continuing their legacy with a fresh and creative batch of rock’n’roll cupcakes! Gogol Bordello is widely known to fuse so many genres of music together and Trans-Continental Hustle continues down that path. Is Tran-Continental has explosive and unpredictable as Super Taranta or Gypsy Punks: Underdog World Strike, but after a few listens you begin to understand the magic in this album.

Gogol Bordello’s first major label release, fueled with producer Rick Rubin, has created an album that is extremely versatile. Upon first listen, I will admit I was a bit hesitant to make an opinion on the album. However, after many days of driving and listening, I feel it is one of their strongest efforts. The story telling on this album is amazing. Many will contest that the album is overproduced, and I not agreeing or disagreeing, but the true splendor of the songs are the way Gogol Bordello uses music to tell a story. Furthermore, Eugene Hutz and the crew thrive from playing their songs live. A quick search through will show the view the power and soul of the band.

My personal favorites are as follows:
Break the Spell
Pala Tute
When the Universes Collide
Rebellious Love
Uma Menina
Trans-Continental Hustle

Check out this album, listen to it several times, and enjoy!


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