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The Magic Kids live @ Local 506 11/10/10

October 28, 2010

Figured I would plug this show as Bull City Records is having a little contest for some free tickets. Now here is some more information on the Magic Kids, stolen from

“Coming from a long background in Memphis garage, the Magic Kids have since fiercely sharpened their skills in the sugar-sick pop department. The tracks on their new LP are all wistful, saccharine sweet pop songs with a hint of arty darkness. The sound is close to the Beach Boys, but revolves more around the Talking Heads in intelligence and delivery. While the music might be obscenely drenched in bubblegum, the subject matter is a bit more playful and sly giving each track more depth. There’s a strange, strange allure and fascination to this record that won’t let the listener stop compulsively playing it on repeat. It’s like not having the control to stop eating that Halloween candy well past the point of slipping into a belly-aching sugar coma.”

Here is my submission concerning the free tickets. Nonetheless, check out this show! I will do my best to be there! I will come back from NY early to catch it.

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