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Happy Birthday to Me…

November 3, 2010

So my killer brother and I always buy each other records, musical items, etc for our birthdays. I rarely seem him as much as I would like nowadays. Work, a baby coming, married life, and the 13 hour drive can make it difficult from time to time.

Alas! He outdid himself this time. Upon sending me my birthday present, I was stunned to see some records I didn’t own! He provided me with the following:


Stiff Little Fingers – Get A Life (1993-94 Taang Records, dark green marble)
NOFX – Liza and Louise (1992 Fat Wreck Chords, pink vinyl)
Screeching Weasel – Suzanne is Getting Married (1994 Lookout Records)
Sublime/Wesley Willis Split – All You Need/Fiasco (1995 Skunk/Urban Legends Records, complete with coloring contest).

NOFX – Maximum Rock N Roll (1991/2008 Mystic Records) Rereleased in 2008 on Purple Marble)
The Clash – Black Market Clash (10 inch, 1980 CBS Records)
The Nation of Ulysesses – The Embassy Tapes (2000, Dischord Records)

All in all, I am pretty stoked with all of these. I mean, Cd’s and Mp3’s are nice, but nothing beats the touch, sound, and look of vinyl….

Till next time & and thank you brotha!

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