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The Bristol 7’s?

May 14, 2011

They never set out to be great, or even good for that matter. Simply two guys in a dingy, dim lit basement drinking myriads of Steel Reserve, Miller High Life, and PBR writing about what they know best or think they know best. Monster trucks, burlesque, wives, girlfriends, and the daily grind: The cheeky lads are indeed lovers of music. They put their music up for free under a Creative Commons license so feel free to fork it, improve it, dump on it, or whatever you wish. Anyways, give it a listen. I did.

After finishing up recording of our album, we decided that it would be the greatest thing ever to release it under a Creative Commons license, and see what the world could do with it.

As such, The Narwhalingus EP: the debut effort by the Bristol 7′s (oh those cheeky lads), is now available for download on Github, containing both the final mixes, and the individual tracks– all in STUNNING 320kbps MP3 format (come on, it’s a free github account– what do you expect!?).

So please, Fork the repo, sing some harmony, steal my guitar solo, or add a Trance beat. Whatever you want to do, just tell us about it, so we can hear what’s become of our baby!

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